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Airwasher Frequent Questions




 Dear Venta-Airwasher Customer:


We thank you for the confidence you have placed in the Venta-Airwasher. We are convinced that you will appreciate your Venta-Airwasher’s outstanding hygienic, trouble-free operation, its ease of cleaning and sturdy, simple technology. The following questions and answers will help you to fully understand the unique Venta-Airwasher technology.


 n How does the Venta-Airwasher humidify?

 The Venta-Airwasher operates by the process of cold evaporation; you will not see any white residue, vapors or mists. The disk stack rotates in the water creating a surface area of over five square yards (LW 44). When dry air meets the surface area of the disk stack, the water is evaporated and sent out into the room. By using the cold evaporation process, any excess humidity can be virtually ruled out.

 n How does the Venta-Airwasher purify?

 Airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and smoke are drawn in and passed over the rotating disk stack. The particles adhere to the wet disk stack and get pulled down into the water. Water evaporates; dirt and dust do not evaporate. The collected particles remain on the bottom of the lower housing and can be rinsed/wiped out every 10-14 days.

   n When is the best time to run the Venta-Airwasher?

 That depends on individual needs. Because the Venta-Airwasher is very energy efficient, operating costs are very low even if used all the time. For consistent results, it should run continuously.

 n What level of humidity can be expected and how often should the tank be filled?

 Under ideal conditions, a humidity level of 40-55% can be expected. Some factors effecting humidity levels are: heating/cooling, home insulation, layout of home, air circulation and amount of water in the appliance. For severely dry areas or during the first days of use, you may notice the water evaporates more quickly and/or a lower humidity level will be achieved.

 n Where is the best place for the Venta-Airwasher?

 The Venta-Airwasher should be placed as centrally as possible (for multiple room use with some models). Allowances should be made so that air can be drawn in the top and released out the sides. At least 18-20 inches should be left open on either of the vented sides to allow for air circulation.

 n Do open outside doors and windows effect the efficiency of the Venta-Airwasher?

 The appliance works best in closed rooms to maintain a consistent level of humidity – just as windows and outside doors are closed when the air conditioning is running!  Doors between rooms may be left open to allow for air circulation.

 n It is necessary to use the Venta Water Treatment Additive?

 For the proper function of the Venta-Airwasher, we highly recommend it. The water treatment additive prevents the mineral deposits from becoming hard and difficult to remove – any sediment can be easily rinsed out. In addition, the water treatment additive improves the efficiency of the Venta-Airwasher by making the water sheet on the disk stack, instead of “beading” up – allowing for maximum use of every square inch of the disk stack. The water treatment additive also prevents odors.

 n What happens if the water evaporates and the appliance continues to run?

 First and foremost, the Venta-Airwasher is only humidifying and purifying when water is in the appliance. However, the water treatment additive holds dirt and dust particles down on the bottom of the lower housing. The motor will continue to run without water and will not be damaged.

 n Should more water treatment additive be added when the appliance has run dry?

 No, because the ingredients of the water treatment additive do not evaporate. Simply add fresh water to reactivate the water treatment additive. One dose will help keep the Venta-Airwasher from scaling up with mineral deposits for 10-14 days.

 n What happens when the Venta-Airwasher has not been run for an extended period of time?

 Simply give the appliance a general cleaning with the Venta Cleaner before using the Venta-Airwasher again. Tip: Use of the Venta Cleaner is recommended before storing the appliance for an extended period of time to remove any mineral deposits that can harden over time.

 n What is the best way to clean the Venta-Airwasher?

 Every 10-14 days, the lower housing should be rinsed/wiped out with a damp sponge. The disk stack should be rinsed off and/or brushed off with a soft brush or sponge. Periodically, the Venta Cleaner can be used for a thorough cleaning. At all times, care should be taken to keep water away from the motor. Please see user manual for more information.

 n Which Venta-Airwasher is right for me?

 Measure your room (length x width) and choose the corresponding Venta-Airwasher (see technical data on brochure). For factors such as vaulted ceilings, rooms with fireplaces, desert conditions, higher heating temperatures, musical instruments, exotic flowers or pets, we suggest going up one size to maintain ideal conditions.

 n The Venta Water Treatment Additive:

 Designed to maintain conditions to improve the evaporation process. Each bottle contains 35 ounces  which is sufficient for approximately 4-5 months. Recommended usage: every 10-14 days.

 n The Venta Cleaner:

 Designed to thoroughly clean the disk stack of your Venta-Airwasher. Each bottle contains 8 fl. oz. which is sufficient for approximately five months and is sufficient for one cleaning. Recommended usage: once every six months.

 n The Venta Fragrances:

 Designed to pleasantly scent your room. Each pack contains three bottles,

 Vanilla: warm and inviting.

 Lavender: helps reduce stress

 Eucalyptus-Anti-Cold: uplifting when colds are about, a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea-plant.

 Combination: One bottle of each fragrance. ( Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Vanilla)

 Refreshing: refreshing and stimulating, made from cold pressed orange peel.

 Relaxing: relieve the tensions of the day, a blend of cinnamon, cassia, carnation, and grapefruit.