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Cleaning your Airwasher

Step 1
Turn off and unplug your Venta-Airwasher to clean it. Cleaning it every two weeks maintains the unit, inhibits bacterial growth, removes dirt or film residue and reduces mineral buildup.

Step 2Press the tabs to the right and left of the speed controls in the center top of the upper housing unit to open the airwasher. Press the tabs at the same time.

Step 3 Pull the two vented and two non-vented sides to open the upper housing unit. If you have difficulty, start with the long-vented front and back sides and then lower the short non-vented sides on the right and left.

Step 4 Open the trap door in the left non-vented side to pull the cord inside the unit so that you can lift the entire motor and cord away from the upper housing unit for easier cleaning.

Step 5 Dump the water from the lower housing unit.

Step 6 Wipe the fan blades and the upper and lower housing units with a wet, lint-free microfiber cloth and rinse with warm water. Rinse the collection disk stack or stacks with warm water, but do not use the microfiber cloth. Refill the lower housing unit with clean water and then put in a single dose, 3.5 oz., of Venta Water Treatment Additive for extra protection.

Step 7 Use the airwasher's self-cleaning feature twice a year to clean the unit more thoroughly. Pour fresh water into the lower housing unit and add an entire bottle of Venta Cleaner. Turn on the airwasher and place it on its lowest setting. Run the self-cleaning cycle for at least two hours, then empty the water from the unit and wash away any cleaner residue with warm running tap water. Refill the water for normal use and put in a dose of Venta Water Treatment Additive.