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How the Venta Airwasher Works



The Venta Airwasher " It' So Simple"

The Venta Airwasher Humidifier Air Purifier 2-1 is not just a humidifier, but it also helps to purify and clean the air.

   Venta humidifiers contain stacks of disks, which rotate in the water present in the humidifier. When dry indoor air comes in contact with these disk stacks, evaporation takes place and the evaporated water is exited from the humidifier into the air, thus increasing the humidity levels. The mechanism in the Venta humidifier is such that once the desired level of humidity has been attained (between 30% and 50%), the evaporative action stops and additional moisture does not get released into the air.

Now we come to the second action of the Venta humidifier. As the dry air in your home gets sucked into the Venta humidifier and goes through the disk stacks, the harmful particulates, dust, lint, dirt, and other contaminants found in the air stick to these disk stacks and accumulate in the bottom of the humidifier. The water that evaporates is only pure clean water, which does not contain any of these contaminants. Particulates those are as small as 10 microns can effectively be trapped by the Venta humidifier-purifier. The contaminants which collect in the lower part of the humidifier can then simply be cleared away every couple of weeks.

Thus, with the Venta humidifier, which is in reality a two-in-one humidifier and purifier, you can finally get rid of that scaly skin, chapped lips, dry nose, cracked paint, shriveling furniture, dying plants and can also rid the air from harmful matter (dust, dander, pollen, dirt) and unbearable smells!